Payments, Donations & Sponsorships

Droplabs is supported by donations, sponsorship of our events, venue rental and membership subscriptions. Below are the ways that we accept payment via Dwolla (preferred), PayPal, Bitcoin, Flattr, cash and check.

Do you have surplus equipment, furniture or a good supplier who you can put us in touch with? We'd love to talk with you about our wishlist.

Pay with Dwolla

Donate with Dwolla

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One-Time Donations with PayPal

Monthly / Annual Donations with PayPal

Monthly / Annual Memberships with PayPal

Pay with Bitcoin

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Flattr Us!

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Pay by Cash or Check

If none of the above options work for you, you may make payments in cash or by check.


For cash payments and donations, a donation jar is prominently displayed near Droplabs' sign-in area. A receipt will be provided upon request.


Checks may be made out to Droplabs - Exaltation of Larks, Inc., who is currently acting as our fiscal agent. A receipt will be provided upon request.

   Droplabs c/o Exaltation of Larks, Inc.
   12228 Venice Blvd. #110
   Los Angeles CA 90066

While Exaltation of Larks is our fiscal sponsor, note that Droplabs is a collaborative venture by several individual and businesses. See History of Droplabs and drop us a line via our contact page for more information. Thank you!