Community Guidelines

Our members and guests are asked to follow the following guidelines at all times.

This list was created by our members during our open members meetings, which are always open to the public. To discuss any of these guidelines, you're welcome to attend our next meeting. Check the calendar of events for more information.

To share questions or concerns privately with Droplabs' founders or staff, talk with any of us during your next visit or Contact Us.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Be respectful of the neighbors of the area where Droplabs is located;
  • Tables and chairs are first-come, first-serve. Everything is shared unless explicitly noted. This includes whiteboards!
  • This is a work environment. Please keep voices low and noise down;
  • Leave the space better than when you found it. If someone can tell you were here, you did not clean up after yourself. Take everything with you (including food trash) or get a locker space for your belongings;
  • You're welcome to socialize and take phone calls, but take it outside;
  • Be respectful of your coworkers! Use headphones and shield your screens (especially if you're working on material that's private, e.g. music, adult entertainment, anything covered under non-disclosure, etc.);
  • You are responsible for your own belongings at all times;
  • Your business relationships are your own and Droplabs assumes no responsibility for deals, partnerships or referrals made in our space.

Plaid's Rules of Interaction

Using the above as basic guidelines, we also have 3 simple rules of interaction. We encourage you to adopt them.

  1. There’s nothing wrong unless you say it’s wrong;
  2. It’s your job to say when something’s wrong;
  3. It’s my job to receive it well.