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SITE BUILDER MAY NOT GOOD FOR YOU -There are lots of benefits of using site builder (SB) site builder. It provides options for novices and web designers and is not expensive. However, there are numerous defects associated with site builder (SB) also and in this report, we discover these issues to be able to give a balanced view of what’s an exceedingly common website builder. Since 2006, website builder (SB) has been utilized by roughly 25 million people so obviously, these limitations haven’t prevented the company from becoming a resounding success.

• SEO: While website builder (SB) lets you add metadata to increase website visibility, this attribute is compromised by the fact that search engine spiders have great difficulty finding and studying Flash sites in the first location. Do a quick search and you will realize that little or no Flash sites appear on the page.

• Annoying Advertising:
If you’re using the free version of website builder (SB), you’ll discover an advertisement toolbar will be found on the bottom of the display. The only way would be to upgrade to a premium account. Needless to say, this is deliberate as website builder (SB) use it to market their services.

• Customer Service: There are numerous reports that website builder (SB)’s customer support is far from professional. There are accusations that website builder (SB)’s customer care team isn’t that individual with those who lack design skills. This is in contrast to the public stance that’s to assist people of all ability levels to achieve their dream of building a site of the company. Additionally, it appears like the standard of customer service received directly relates to the quantity of money a client has spent on a website builder (SB) site.

It’s important to keep in mind that Internet users utilize browsers so if your site isn’t compatible with them all, you’re automatically losing a number of visitors.

As an example, site builder (SB) sites aren’t mobile-friendly and cannot be considered on small devices. Given the explosion in the popularity of browsing and smartphones, this can decrease the effectiveness of a site. Include SEO Analytics and in addition, you have to upgrade to a premium account to receive your own domain name.