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TRUST YOUR WEB SERVER – In the realm of business, server downtime is an evil that is inevitable. Such downtime can make a mess of your internet business, generating untold amounts of stress as you and your staff scramble to do what you can to get the server back up and running as fast as possible or, for those who don’t have any control over the downtime, then you jump through hoops of fire to do what you can to mitigate the harm that the downtime is causing. There are if you believe server downtime can be avoided. You can take steps to protect your business that downtime can produce as you can not fully avoid server downtime.

You Can’t Prevent Downtime Entirely – If you believe you’ve safeguarded your server like it retains the launch codes for nuclear bombs and that downtime is not something you will need to be worried about, there are a few things you will need to understand. More than 70 percent of companies have had some kind of server downtime in the past five decades. That downtime didn’t occur because those companies were careless (though that might be the situation for a few). Because downtime is an unavoidable circumstance, it occurs.

Roughly 25 percent of server downtime can result from hardware failures. Until the issue was corrected when hardware fails, and it will, your server will go down for the count. Moreover, you can not control Mother Nature. If a disaster happens and the power station of your server goes out, your server will go down with it. In actuality, power station failures cause roughly 40 percent of host service interruptions. Another huge chunk of server downtime results from software failures. 13 percent of server downtime is due to a software failure. An upgrade was misconfigured or a bug found its way.

But You have an Uptime Guarantee! – You might believe that all of the above is likely true for other companies, but none. After all, you are offered an uptime guarantee of 99.5 percent by your server supplier? That may sound great to you but which means your server could be expected to return for over 40 hours if you do the math.

Putting to Work For Your Company – As you can not completely prevent server downtime, you can minimize it and mitigate the harm such downtime can cause. You can be advised of downtime by putting an excellent server monitoring service to work for your organization. If your server goes down at 3 am, once you check in at work, you will find out about it through a phone call or text message as opposed to finding out. That’s five hours of time you’ll spend placing fail safes or getting back your server online as opposed to sleeping the hours away.

By being advised of downtime you can get to work minimize losses and to correct the issue. There are signs that a server will go down. If your server monitoring service notifies you can do whatever is required to find the server working again from occurring and prevent that bout of downtime.