Free Coworking Day

Drupal Coworking Friday

  • Posted on: 30 December 2011
  • By: Christefano Reyes

Droplabs is happy to take part in Drupal Coworking Friday, a worldwide event spurred in part by the DrupalEasy Podcast #65 which featured Droplabs. We're in Downtown Los Angeles and are happy to host anyone in our local community or who is just passing through for some coworking on the last Friday of each month for some coworking. This event is free!

While every day is a Drupal coworking day at Droplabs, we're doing something different on Drupal Coworking Fridays and will provide light food and drinks all day. These are being hosted by Christefano and Paul Chernick, two of the Droplabs founders. Afterward the day is over, a group of us will go to a nearby restaurant or pub. In the past we've had beers and a bonfire and were serenaded by Skrillex. We've also gone to a variety of other locations, including Barbara's at The Brewery (at 620 Moulton Ave., just a 5 minute walk away) and Carnitas Michoacan (on 1901 N. Broadway, just a 5 minute drive away).

About Drupal Coworking Friday:

  • Proposed date: Last Friday of each month
  • It takes place in your local city
  • Anyone can start/host one
  • Focused on Drupal Professionals (freelance, fulltime, part time, in office, home, etc.)
  • This is not a meetup, code-sprint, BoF or presentation
  • Attendees would still do their regular work/calls/etc
  • Other Drupal folks would be there to talk to, collaborate, advise (and likewise for the attendee)
  • Ideally, an entire section of the space will be dedicated for Drupal professionals

See for the Drupal Coworking Fridays FAQ and the Coworking group at for general information about coworking.