Video Learning & Mentoring

Thanks to our friends at Build a, and, we have site licenses to extensive video libraries with instructional videos on Drupal, WordPress and Joomla, as well as general coding topics such as HTML, PHP, CSS and responsive web design!

Self-Led Video Learning Program

This program are self-led, so just bring your laptop and a pair of headphones and a Droplabs staff person will set you up with an account! Those without headphones can buy an inexpensive pair from Droplabs.

Access to the above video services is free, but a Droplabs membership or day pass may be required.

Scheduled Video Mentoring Events

During a scheduled Video Mentoring event, our expert mentors are available to help attendees on a one-on-one basis. When an attendee has a question, has a problem, or needs to work out a particular use case, our mentors are ready to help and point them in the right direction. Check our calendar of events to see if there's an upcoming Video Mentoring event near you.

By using video curriculum instead of a lecture- or seminar-based approach, attendees can learn at their own pace, take breaks, and pause, skip and replay video sections as they go. This "flipped" video mentoring approach is excellent for both large and small groups and helps keep everyone focused — even when attendees have different experience levels and areas of interest.

For more information, see what Chris Shattuck of Build a Module has written about video mentoring trainings, or watch a TED Talk by Salman Khan (of Khan Academy) about using video to reinvent education.