Startup Accelerator Program

We've partnered with Solar Ignition to provide our members with access to their startup accelerator program.

What benefits does the accelerator program offer?

Depending on their needs, applicants accepted into the startup accelerator program may receive the following benefits:

  • Business incorporation and legal support
  • Product development and design support
  • Marketing and promotion support
  • Consults with experienced mentors and other startup founders
  • Introductions to the larger investor community
  • Seed funding

In addition, Solar Ignition has agreed to accept a limited number of applicants into their program without taking equity. We see this social investment (instead of a financial investment) as a positive contribution to Droplabs members and members of the larger tech community who wish to bootstrap their business without exchanging equity.

What's the difference between an incubator and an accelerator?

From its inception, Droplabs has been a self-paced incubator, providing coworking and small business services such as inexpensive office space, high-speed WiFi, lunch delivery, mentorship opportunities with our expert mentors, and so on.

These services are available to all our members and many have utilized them to build their products and bootstrap their businesses.

At an incubator, the time frame can take a while depending on whether we're helping developing a single mobile or web app vs. starting a new company. A startup accelerator compresses this time frame into a matter of weeks or months. We've partnered with Solar Ignition, who has a structured program and schedule of events, so that we can offer their program while continuing to focus on membership, venue rental and small business services.