Developer Training & Boot Camps

Droplabs hosts developer boot camps and workforce training programs! Our organizers and volunteers help organize boot camps and training programs on a variety of subjects designed to help talented individuals become the software developers, themers and architects of tomorrow.

Modeled after our successful Drupal Module Development Boot Camp in 2013, which worked to improve the technical skills of beginner- to intermediate-level Drupal and PHP developers, these boot camps focus on advancing participants to the next level by teaching modern software development best practices including version control, code re-use, and proper API usage.

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While some boot camps are strict and some are more relaxed, they are excellent ways to teach other employable skills desired in the workplace, such as working on a team, analytical thinking, communicating using email, helpdesk software and other systems, and developing other professional qualities like being on time and delivering on deadlines.

Whenever possible, we work to reduce the costs for boot camp leaders by providing access to curriculum and other materials, and coordinating partnership and sponsorship opportunities with grant programs and interested companies.

Upcoming Boot Camps

We are now planning a comprehensive Mobile Development Boot Camp that focuses on building mobile apps and developing web APIs so these apps can talk to database-backed websites.

This boot camp will be in early 2015, with locations on both the Westside and Eastside in Los Angeles, California. Join our mailing list or follow @Droplabs on Twitter to hear about it before anybody else.