Coders with a Cause

We regularly organize and host code sprints that we call "barn raisings" to benefit local for-good corporations and 501c3 non-profit organizations.

At these events, our team of organizers and volunteers work to build a website from scratch to include much needed functionality, design, and other work required by the organization.

Barn raisings are teach-and-learn opportunities for our local developer community and each event is a win-win-win for everyone.

What's a Barn Raising?

From Wikipedia at

A barn raising (historically called a "raising bee" or "rearing" in the U.K.) describes a collective action of a community, in which a barn for one of the members is built or rebuilt collectively by members of the community.

Barn raising was particularly common in 18th- and 19th-century rural North America. A barn was a necessary structure for any farmer, for example for storage of cereals and hay and keeping of animals. Yet a barn was also a large and costly structure, the assembly of which required more labor than a typical family could provide.

Barn raising addressed the need by enlisting members of the community, unpaid, to assist in the building of their neighbors' barns. Because each member was entitled to recruit others for help, the favor would eventually return to each participant.

Interested in Mentoring?

We need help from experienced software developers, site builders, themers and project managers. Contact us!

Interested in Learning?

Stay tuned to this page for more information. Prepare to come to the barn raising event with your laptop, power cables, and anything else you may need.

Need a Website? Apply Now!

We're currently accepting applications from local non-profit organizations and for-good corporations. Contact us!

Space is limited and priority is given to non-profit organizations with active 501c3 status and that have representatives who are able attend 2-3 planning meetings.