Droplabs Academy

Droplabs Academy is community-driven, crowdsourced education. We host classes on all kinds of topics, from Python programming and the underground history of comic books to alternative currencies and culinary field trips of Chinatown and the San Gabriel Valley.

All our classes are suggested by our members or by the teachers themselves. We can do the rest, including the planning, promotion and registrations. (Of course, we encourage teachers to do their own marketing, too, to build their own audience!)

Startup Accelerator Program

We've partnered with Solar Ignition to provide our members with access to their startup accelerator program. Depending on their needs, applicants accepted into the startup accelerator program may receive the following benefits:

  • Business incorporation and legal support
  • Product development and design support
  • Marketing and promotion support
  • Consults with experienced mentors and other startup founders
  • Introductions to the larger investor community
  • Seed funding

Developer Training & Boot Camps

Droplabs hosts developer boot camps and workforce training programs! Our organizers and volunteers help organize boot camps and training programs on a variety of subjects designed to help talented individuals become the software developers, themers and architects of tomorrow.

Modeled after our successful Drupal Module Development Boot Camp in 2013, which worked to improve the technical skills of beginner- to intermediate-level Drupal and PHP developers, these boot camps focus on advancing participants to the next level by teaching modern software development best practices including version control, code re-use, and proper API usage.

Interested in learning more? Contact us!

Coders with a Cause

We regularly organize and host code sprints that we call "barn raisings" to benefit local for-good corporations and 501c3 non-profit organizations.

At these events, our team of organizers and volunteers work to build a website from scratch to include much needed functionality, design, and other work required by the organization.

Barn raisings are teach-and-learn opportunities for our local developer community and each event is a win-win-win for everyone.

Open Office Hours

Once a month, our Open Office Hours matches local area programmers, entrepreneurs and small business owners with experts in startup mentorship, software development and business model generation.

This unique event combines one-on-one mentorship with a networking event and provides a fun, high energy experience for everyone. Best of all, participation is free!

Our Open Office Hours usually use time slots in a one-on-one consultation model. Depending on the level of attendance, we may use either a "speed dating" model or use a show-and-tell presentation format to ensure that all participants have equal access to all our mentors.

Video Learning & Mentoring

Thanks to our friends at Build a, and, we have site licenses to extensive video libraries with instructional videos on Drupal, WordPress and Joomla, as well as general coding topics such as HTML, PHP, CSS and responsive web design!

Self-Led Video Learning Program

This program are self-led, so just bring your laptop and a pair of headphones and a Droplabs staff person will set you up with an account! Those without headphones can buy an inexpensive pair from Droplabs.

Access to the above video services is free, but a Droplabs membership or day pass may be required.

Scheduled Video Mentoring Events

During a scheduled Video Mentoring event, our expert mentors are available to help attendees on a one-on-one basis. When an attendee has a question, has a problem, or needs to work out a particular use case, our mentors are ready to help and point them in the right direction. Check our calendar of events to see if there's an upcoming Video Mentoring event near you.

By using video curriculum instead of a lecture- or seminar-based approach, attendees can learn at their own pace, take breaks, and pause, skip and replay video sections as they go. This "flipped" video mentoring approach is excellent for both large and small groups and helps keep everyone focused — even when attendees have different experience levels and areas of interest.

Mobile Device Lab

Are you a developer or designer of a mobile website or native app, but don't have access to the tablets, smartphones and other devices you need for cross-device and cross-platform testing and development? Now you do!

Mobile Device Lab is our program designed to accommodate the needs of freelancers, independent contractors, remote workers and and indie developers. All equipment is available to use free of charge, although our standard day passes or membership fees may apply.