Introducing the Drupal Jobs Summit!

  • Posted on: 16 January 2013
  • By: Christefano Reyes

Droplabs wishes to thank everyone who's expressed interest and signed up to sponsor our Los Angeles Drupal Job Fair! We've updated our Job Fair page to show our current sponsors and exhibiting companies:

Our job fair is now under 2 weeks away, but there's still time to get ready.

If anyone has questions not answered here, post a comment at or contact us at jobs-jan28jobfair [at] droplabs [dot] net or at

Introducing the Drupal Jobs Summit

The sponsor benefits have just been updated to include tickets to the Drupal Jobs Summit later in the evening from 7-9pm:

The jobs summit is a roll-up-your-sleeves working meeting for companies and organizations who use and depend on Drupal, as well as a healthy business community and marketplace. We'll be meeting one another (many for the first time) and discussing the following topics:

  • Building a healthy marketplace of colleagues and potential partners;
  • Getting the most out of our recruiting and marketing dollar;
  • What we're doing now to staff up, from local recruiting and in-house training to outsourcing and hiring out-of-town or overseas;
  • Identifying the skills, job titles and qualifications of desirable candidates, employees and vendors;
  • Workshops, trainings and other programs that most or all of us can get behind in order to solve our business needs.

We'll have an open bar and cocktails will be served. It is also a private event. Those who qualify to attend include sponsors of any of the Drupal job fairs we've had, and any companies and organizations who host Drupal meetups, trainings or other Drupal community events.

Hosting a meetup at your office qualifies you for this event. Buying pizza at a meetup, while appreciated, does not. If you do not meet the above qualifications, contact us at jobs-jan28summit [at] droplabs [dot] net with a request to attend.