Droplabs Recognized as World's Top Drupal Location

  • Posted on: 13 July 2013
  • By: Christefano Reyes

Find Drupal events with ease This week Droplabs was recognized by Drupical as the top Drupal location for Drupal events around the world over the past 12 months. Thanks, Drupical! This level of activity has been made possible entirely by our community of event organizers, attendees and supporting sponsors.

Drupical is an awesome event listing service that aggregates and visualizes Drupal events around the world in a handy, attractive web app. It's especially useful while traveling and it's what we recommend to participating members of the California Drupal Travelers Program.

The next time you come to Droplabs, be sure to check out our "take a card, leave a card" table and pick up a few Drupical pins.

We Need Your Help!

In addition to all the Drupal meetups, job fairs and workshops that Droplabs hosts, we're offering a free, application-based Drupal Module Development Boot Camp program that begins July 22, 2013. This series of 10 sessions is designed to level up the skills of Drupal and PHP developers and train them with what they need to become more experienced (and marketable!) backend Drupal developers, and valuable contributors to the Drupal project itself by teaching our community's contribution process and toolchain (Git, issue queues, etc.).

We need help from sponsors to cover our training, food and venue rental costs. Contact Us to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities and sponsor perks, including entrance to our next Drupal job fair.

If your company is in the Los Angeles area and you can send an instructor to lead a few boot camp sessions, we'd like to talk with you about in-kind sponsorship. This will greatly reduce our training costs and make this program an even bigger success.

Droplabs, Present & Future

Our mission here at Droplabs has included Drupal coworking, mentoring and training services from the very beginning. While we've since expanded our mission to support other user groups and open source communities, we continue to offer low- to no-cost access to Drupal mentoring and training resources, free coworking days, office services and structured mentoring sessions with expert Drupal developers and business advisors.

We've been having a lot of fun with the synergy that happens when combining coworking values and open source values. To that end, we're exploring a "store-in-store" business model and are in talks with a number of businesses and organizations to open new Droplabs locations across the Los Angeles area. Stay tuned for a series of announcements about additional locations where we'll be offering more Droplabs coworking, training and mentoring services. And, of course, more Drupal meetups and workshops.