SCALE 11x Planning Meeting

  • Posted on: 14 February 2013
  • By: Christefano Reyes
Friday, February 15, 2013 - 13:00 to 14:00

Join us @Droplabs On February 15, 2013 @1pm for any & all folks interested in helping volunteer at the Droplabs booth at this year's SCALE. We're providing full conference passes (a $70 value) to those who volunteer several hours of your time (but they'll be available on a first-come basis). So get in while the gettin's good!

We'll be hashing out some details & logistics so any & all are welcome to come help co-organize with us. If you're not able to attend in person but would like to participate, we can facilitate a Google Hangout or conference call. Just post re: which medium is easiest for you to participate in & we'll be glad to accommodate you. We're open, friendly & we don't (hardly ever) bite. We've only got 9 days left so help us spread the word about one of the most awesome, unique & Drupal-centric (mostly) co-working spaces in the world!

For those who aren't aware, this is @SoCalLinuxExpo's 11th year in operation & is the largest completely volunteer-run Open Source Software & Linux-based conference in the country (& possibly the world, we haven't checked Papua New Guinea yet!). There's something for everyone & there's even a youth track where the future leaders of technology share, with us old fogeys, how they're using Open Source Software to revolutionize the world.

SCALE is staffed by a dedicated crew of all-around swell guys & gals & they're proof-positive that geeks know how to rock out with their devices out with a bevy of fun events & giveaways. It's attended by some of the largest names in the world of technology today. But as LeVar Burton used to say on Reading Rainbow, "you don't have to take my word for it...take a look, it's in a book..." Ok, ok, change "book" to "website" & we're golden.

p.s. The SCALE website is a Drupal site (well, 90% Drupal & 10% Python) & @Droplabs chipped in by hosting a barnraising event for the 2011 SCALE website. So ya, @Droplabs is kinda awesomesauce like that. Join us!