Syyn Labs Workshop: Creating Interactive Visuals 101

  • Posted on: 26 January 2012
  • By: plaid
Sunday, February 12, 2012 - 12:00 to 16:00

Hector Alvarez / Creative Director, Syyn LabsWHAT: You want to make an online game, infographic, simulation, or sound-reactive visuals. You want it to be accessible anywhere, even mobile, without the need for extra plugins. In this class we'll learn to use JavaScript and HTML5 to create interactive visualizations.

Some examples of the sorts of thing we'll start creating together:

WHO: Prior programming experience is not required, but this class will not spend time on programming basics, so you shouldn't be afraid to get your hands dirty. This class will concentrate on using JavaScript and Processing.js to create interactive visuals for the browser. This topic will be empowering for the visual and design minded, and creativity-inducing for the engineering focused.

REQUIREMENTS: Personal laptop, Text Editor (E.g. TextMate), Google Chrome & Skype.

Registrations and payment are being handled by Syyn Labs. Sign up at

Workshop Description

Some of the basics that David will be covering in this workshop - ensuring you leave with some of your own artwork!

  • Getting up and running
  • Drawing to the Canvas
  • Mouse and Keyboard Interactivity
  • Using external APIs (Twitter, ColourLovers)
  • Sound reactivity
  • Helpful patterns
  • Hosting and Serving

NOTE: WORKSHOP BEGINS AT 12pm SHARP! You can arrive as early as 11:30am to setup...

More About the Teacher

David Guttman / Lead Engineer, Syyn Labs David Guttman / Lead Engineer, Syyn Labs

David is a founding member of Syyn Labs. He's an avid lover of JavaScript with over 15 years of front-end development under his belt.

Occasionally his work shows up on display at various exhibitions (Mindshare, GEL), museums (Architecture + Design Museum, LACMA), and live in concert with Yo-Yo Ma.

About Syyn Labs

Coined "The League of Extraordinary Nerds" by Fast Company Magazine, Syyn Labs is a Los Angeles-based organization that fuses the worlds of technology and interactive sciences with artistic mediums to design and construct visually dynamic spectacles that inspire thought and provoke conversation.

Boasting 30+ members, deriving from varied fields of study in the worlds of technology, engineering, computer science, robotics, architecture, science, performing arts and more, Syyn Labs first gained notoriety for their production of OK GO's award-winning, viral video “The Too Shall Pass” that has garnered over 30 million hits. Syyn Labs has since been commissioned to cultivate multi-faceted programs for Google, Sears, Disney XD, LACMA, Wonka, Microsoft, Target and Endemol USA, to name a few.