LA Drupal Meetup and First-Ever Drupal Job Fair in Los Angeles

  • Posted on: 2 June 2011
  • By: Christefano Reyes
Tuesday, June 21, 2011 - 18:00 to 22:00

The next Downtown Los Angeles Drupal meetup is on June 21, 2011 and will be at Droplabs, a new Drupal event and coworking space in Downtown Los Angeles. You are invited for part or all of the 4-hour event, including LA Drupal's first-ever job fair at 6:00pm followed by a meetup with technical presentations, site showcases, open discussions and raffle prizes at 7:30pm.

The job fair is free and there are a limited number of tables for exhibiting companies and organizations. We no longer have a 30-person limit and everyone who signs up at will be able to attend.

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Job fair at 6:00pm

Do you represent a company or organization that's looking for Drupal talent? Are you a freelancer or service provider who's looking for Drupal work? Come to Los Angeles' first-ever Drupal job fair, make new friends and turn new connections into long-term relationships.

Exhibiting companies and organizations include:

Employers who register for the job fair will be listed here and job seekers should check this page often to see which employers match your expertise and job interest.

Droplabs is also hosting a comprehensive Drupal module development training by Exaltation of Larks and Chapter Three earlier the same day. If you're looking for Drupal talent and are interested in reaching as many up-and-coming Drupal developers as possible, this month's meetup at Droplabs is a great place to be.

The job fair is free to everyone! Tables are provided on a first-come, first-served basis, and we simply ask that both employers and job seekers come prepared with their business cards, plenty of resumes and have up-to-date profiles on and LinkedIn. Extra points go to attendees who are members of the Drupal Association.

Droplabs is available as a venue to employers and job seekers for follow up interviews.

Meetup at 7:30pm

LA Drupal meetups follow a basic format that starts off with Drupal news and announcements, local job announcements, raffle prizes and full-length presentations. Given enough time, we'll also have community Q&A, during which time anyone in attendance can ask questions, divine answers from the crowd and give brief, 5-10 minute-long presentations known as lightning talks.

Light food and refreshments will be served throughout the evening, and we'll finish off the night with networking and a Drupal After Dark at 9:30pm.

Raffle prizes! Collect them all! Must be present to win!

The raffle prizes this time include discount codes, magazines, DVDs and books! We are always grateful to our sponsors for their continued support. If you have any items you'd like to donate to the raffle, please contact any of the organizers at the meetup.

  • Drupal 7 Development - Core Concepts DVD from Chris Shattuck at Build a
    The Core Concepts series contains over 120 videos and 12 hours of content, covering the most essential aspects of Drupal development, from setting up module scaffolding to working with forms and the database to working with jQuery and JavaScript. This library is a must-have for all developers.
  • Drupal Watchdog magazine
    Did you know that Drupal has a print magazine? The premiere issue was given to attendees at DrupalCon Chicago and focused primarily on the recently released Drupal 7. We have an extra copy to raffle off!
  • Drupal Building Blocks book by Earl and Lynette Miles
    With Drupal, web professionals can create full-featured Web sites with just a few clicks. Drupal’s core is compact and well documented, but much of Drupal’s immense power lies elsewhere — in external modules. Drupal’s Building Blocks is an authoritative tutorial, reference, and cookbook for Drupal’s most valuable modules, CCK, Panels and Views.
  • Invitation to the Pantheon private beta
    Pantheon is a Drupal hosting service from our friends at Chapter Three. This new service has the usual stack of Drupal, Apache, MySQL and PHP but comes with extra high-performance goodness like Pressflow, Memcache, Varnish and Solr. If that weren't enough, Pantheon accounts have a complete environment where code and databases can be moved up and down from dev, test and production. Sound complicated? It actually isn't, because all this functionality is managed with an easy to use point-and-click interface.

An Introduction to Form Builder - A New Interface for Fields

Nate Haug (@quicksketch) will be giving us a sneak peek at his Introduction to Form Builder session he's planning for DrupalCon London 2011.

Form Builder represents a major jump in the administrative user interfaces for Drupal. Utilizing jQuery UI and AJAX-based editing and previews, Form Builder can speed up the process of building a form dramatically. But the fun doesn't stop there, with Form API's array-based structure now in every part of Drupal (commonly called "Renderables"), Form Builder may be used to edit not only forms but the actual display of the page.

In this talk, Nathan Haug will give an introduction to the Form Builder interface and show how it can be used currently. Some modules like Webform are already fully compatible with Form Builder. After an introduction to the front-end of the module, the talk will go into the API and show how any Form API element or renderable may be made editable through Form Builder.

Introduction to Rules and Custom Actions

We've all heard the phrase "there's a module for that", but after doing some research, Oliver Seldman (@otseld) discovered there actually wasn't a module for a specific use case and he ended up writing a custom rules action using the popular Rules module.

During this "day in the life" you'll learn from Oliver some tips on module research, an overview of the Rules module and how to create powerful publishing workflows by integrating Rules with content workflow states.

Test-driven development

Learn from Miguel Hernandez (@Techivist) about the SimpleTest unit testing framework and why Drupal 7 is the most stable release of Drupal in its entire history. We'll also learn about how to make your Drupal sites perform better and error-free (e.g. don't miss an e-commerce order because of a new bug!) and how contributed modules on have been catching up on including tests.

How to contribute to a module or theme that's on

There are many ways to contribute to projects on, from improving documentation and submitting patches to writing tests and sponsoring development. Christefano (@christefano), a core contributor to Drupal 5, Drupal 6 and Drupal 7, will demonstrate the ticketing system (known as the "issue queue"). do a live "patch review" during the presentation, and explain how bounties (and reverse bounties) work.

For any changes to our agenda, stay tuned to this meetup announcement or click the Sign up button at (or both!) to be notified when the agenda has been updated.


651 Clover St.
Los Angeles, CA 90031

Droplabs is in the Mission Junction neighborhood of Los Angeles at Big Art Labs, just 1 mile down Main St. from Philippes (the first-ever venue for LA Drupal meetups!) and Union Station. We're one block west of The Brewery, the largest live-and-work artists' colony in the world.

What to bring

Just bring your laptop, your business cards or whatever else you need. We share a large parking lot with Big Art Labs and there's plenty of free parking. After you pull into the parking lot, park to the left of the entrance and follow the signs to Droplabs.

Please note that our guest wireless network is limited to 1Mb per client, so bring your MiFi router or a phone you can tether with if for some reason you need a lot of bandwidth. Access to our high-speed network is included with a Droplabs membership.

To get last-minute updates, follow @Droplabs on Twitter at or find us on Facebook at

About Droplabs

Droplabs is a collaborative Drupal event and coworking space in Downtown Los Angeles. Created in 2011 by LA Drupal members for the LA Drupal community, we are focused on serving the greater LA Drupal community, enriching the Drupal skills and lives of its members, and bringing joy to our Drupal practice. Our founders represent several local area businesses that have deep roots in the Drupal and open source communities.

We've been open to the public since May, 2011, and the use of our equipment and facilities, including conference room, tables and chairs and espresso machine, is free until our official launch. See for more details about our open beta period and for our list of free amenities and member perks.

Droplabs is the host of the monthly Downtown LA Drupal meetups, LA Drupal's weekly Pro Drupal 7 Development book study group and special events including the Varnish 3 Release Party, Leave GoDaddy Day and LA Drupal's job fairs. To learn more about Droplabs, follow @Droplabs on Twitter, sign up at or like DroplabsLA on Facebook!

About LA Drupal

LA Drupal is one of the world's largest regional Drupal user groups and is Southern California's largest hub for all things Drupal. In addition to scheduling 5 regular meetups a month and occasional trainings and social gatherings, LA Drupal members produce special events, code sprints, and the annual DrupalCamp LA and Drupal Design Camp LA conferences.

Attending LA Drupal events is one of the best ways to meet and talk with other Drupaleros and we encourage you to attend meetings and special events regularly. Whether it's to find solutions to problems you've been having, sharing something you've learned or just meeting interesting like-minded people, the LA Drupal events are an essential resource for Drupal professionals and hobbyists alike.

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