Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Droplabs? ^

As a coworking space, we offer a variety of physical spaces to our members and their guests for meetings, workshops and other events. The office services we provide include lunch delivery, copier / printer services and access to our professional community and resource library, as well as the use of our fridges, high-speed WiFi, conference room, etc.

Droplabs is a co-venture between a number of entrepreneurs and businesses in the Los Angeles area. We met one another in the Drupal open source software community and have since expanded our mission to provide all kinds of web and technology resources and programs to our software developer, business owner and startup communities.

For more information, check out Our History.

What are your programs? ^

We have a growing list of programs that are uniquely designed for small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, lifelong learners and remote workers, including:

We also run Coders with a Cause, a unique teach-and-learn program that matches software developers with non-profit organizations and for-good startups who are in need of their skills.

What is coworking? ^

Coworking is a style of work which involves a shared working environment. Unlike in a typical office environment, however, those coworking are usually not employed by the same organization. It's typically is attractive to work-at-home professionals, independent contractors, or people who travel frequently who end up working in relative isolation.

For more information, see our About Coworking page. It has a number of resources that you may find helpful.

Do you have a free trial? ^

Yes! You're welcome to try out our space and amenities for FREE! This free trial applies to your first-ever coworking day. (Attending an organized event, such as a meetup, movie showing or game night, doesn't count and your first-ever coworking day will be the next time you visit Droplabs.)

Our membership fees are also waived if you're the +1 guest of a member in good standing, you have a valid voucher or gift certificate, or if you're a coworking visa member of a participating coworking space.

We also have at least one free coworking day each month. Check our Calendar of Events for details.

When are you open? ^

Droplabs has a membership-based approach to hours of operation. Our doors are open to guests and members with standard memberships whenever a Droplabs staff person or key-holding member is present.

If this approach sounds familiar to you, it's because Droplabs is a coworking space with a hackerspace business model. For more information, see our Hours of Operation page.

Where are you located? ^

We're located at the corner of Clover St. and N. Main St., which is a couple hundred feet East of Mission Junction and the Los Angeles River. This is just within the neighborhood of Lincoln Heights. We're close to the 5 Freeway and are about a mile down N. Main St. from Union Station.

Check out our Locations page for more information.

What is a Coworking Visa? ^

Droplabs participates in the global Coworking Visa Program. This means that any member of a participating coworking space can work at Droplabs for free.

Contacting us in advance is great but not required (see "When are you open?" above). As a center for training and education in Los Angeles, we value both teaching and learning, so please introduce yourself and help a coworker if they're stuck with a technical issue and you have some time to spare.

Our key-holding members who purchase a Droplabs coworking visa can cowork at no additional cost at hundreds of participating spaces around the world, including a half dozen coworking spaces in Los Angeles. Inquire within for details.

How do I get a Droplabs in my area? ^

We're currently evaluating opening additional Droplabs locations around Los Angeles and the United States. If you'd like us to open a Droplabs in your city or neighborhood, Contact Us and let us know!

If you'd like us to provide any of our programs within your existing location, we'd love to talk with you. We're also happy to talk with groups who are interested in replicating our successes and gracefully handling the challenges we've had over the years.

Droplabs sounds great! How can I help? ^

We are run on a shoestring budget and are grateful for any help. There are a number of excellent ways that you can help us keep the lights on:

  • Make a donation in any amount! Please see our Donations, Sponsorships & Payments page;
  • Have your next event here! Venue rental goes a long way toward helping us cover our expenses;
  • Become a monthly member! Our Memberships page has all the details, including discounts on venue rental;
  • Do you know a good grant writer? We need your help. Contact us!
  • Check out our Wishlist, which includes a list of devices we need to round out our Mobile Device Lab program;
  • Are you a member of a time bank? Come cowork at Droplabs and exchange 1 time dollar for each hour you're at Droplabs!
  • Help us with a kickstarter! We've helped raise thousands of dollars for the LA Food Bank, and organized "barn raisings" for other non-profits that have saved them thousands more in software development costs, but we haven't yet had our own fundraiser or crowdfunding campaign;
  • Come to our regular members meetings to learn more about our ongoing and occasional needs. These meetings are open the public and are a great way to help us develop new programs and introduce us to new opportunities.