Testimonials & Awards


  • In Winter, 2011, Droplabs received deskmag's coveted Coworking Holiday Award for capturing the spirit of the season and coworking during our December holiday party, when our members celebrated the holiday season, got to know each other better and raised over $500 for the LA Food Bank.
  • In Summer, 2012, Droplabs was awarded a grant by the Redistribution Fund. Part of the Fund's mission is to support existing and emerging community resources, as well as organizations that create long-term community resources.
  • In Summer, 2013, Droplabs was recognized by Drupical as the Top Drupal Location for Drupal activity in the world from July, 2012, to July, 2013.

Sponsors & Partners

Droplabs and our events have been sponsored by numerous companies and organizations, including Microsoft, the Drupal Association, and many others who are in good standing with our community. See our Sponsors page for more information.

Praise for our Programs

I wanted to voice my thanks to the instructors at the Drupal development boot camp. Christefano, Stew, Ron and Oliver, I know it took some dedication for you fellows to herd the cats. I know I have a great deal more knowledge of Drupal and know I have the skills to take on a module or other development. May not be proficient in all the areas but now can proceed with confidence.

I know we added three weeks to the boot camp but there has to be an end to all good things. Last night as I was leaving I felt relief to have the commitment behind and not have to start studying for next class, but I also felt a little sad for it being over.

  — Paul C.

As a longtime member of the Drupal community who had worked remotely in development positions for both Drupal shops and organizations that leveraged Drupal, I was very interested in getting into an office and spending my days with other like-minded teammates in the Los Angeles area.

The Droplabs job fair provided a fantastic opportunity for me to explore the available Drupal positions in and around the city in a way that no other event provided. I left the job fair having met many good employers and received multiple offers, one of which I accepted, within the coming weeks.

A special note of thanks can be made to the Droplabs organizers of the job fair. It was obvious their intentions were in line with serving the greater good of the community. I thank Droplabs and their continued effort in improving the presence of Drupal in Los Angeles with events Iike these, and hope many job seekers can have as much success as I have!

  — Anonymous (by request)

What Our Members & Guests Are Saying

Droplabs is the place to be for various people who look to brainstorm, or have their own personal space to ride that mental energy for their own projects. It's the best of both worlds. A collaborative environment that also respects the individuals uniqueness.

  — Duran R.

More people need to know that there still are places where you can do something good and have a great time. Droplabs is one of those places.

  — Jeff N.

I love it, an example of what a col-lab should be and the price point is excellent.

  — Oscar T.

Great time! Great food! Great people!

  — Michael F.

Can a last minute schedule confirmation be made in the middle of the night from a staff member of a co-working organization? Why yes, yes it can. 4th editing session for All Summer Long is saved!

  — Ed P.

Set up in a warehouse district, shares a parking lot with a ton of creative design and fabrication shops. Summertime, you get to see a ton of great art cars being put together. Year round, catch awesome creative people doing awesome creative things.

This space embodies the idea that developers and people that use technology are every bit as creative as visual artists. It's a celebration of hacker spirit, open source community, and nerd fellowship. There'a always interesting discussion available when you've got time free, as well as quieter spaces to duck away to when you need to keep head down to get through a deadline.

Dog-friendly, programmer-friendly. Easy parking. Great coffee around the corner. Super affordable freemium/donation-based pricing.

C'mon down and check it out. Say hi to people while you're there and you'll understand why people stay.

  — Craig M.

Droplabs is a wonderful place to work. They have a quiet room and a community room, so you can have both options. Blake, one of the core group, is friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

  — Jonathan S.

This place is oozing with creativity and smart people — an ideal destination to find some inspiration.

  — Ali A.

Droplabs was great last night. They had a great meeting about Drupal Commerce. It's a great place to got some development done.

  — Leonardo Z.

Droplabs is a great venue and has fantastic events for the Drupal community, like the recent job fair. Not only have I met some really cool people, but I’ve made contacts that resulted in paid projects and other exciting opportunities. I also use it as a meeting space and occasionally attend Coworking Fridays. It’s a great place with an even greater staff!

  — Solomon R.

Wow... so many awesome people in the #DrupalTwig sprint today: new contributors and old, everyone totally rocks! Thank you #Droplabs #ddcla

  — Jen L.

Not only is this a great venue and some informative presentations, but the surrounding artists, labs, etc. are a great way for some 'outside the code' inspiration. Had a great time and planning on attending the next meetup as well.

  — Sebastian A.

I love Droplabs! Great people, great space. I stop by whenever I'm in LA.

  — Steve T.

I work out of here nearly every work day. Love the space, love the accessibility, free parking, easy access to Little Tokyo & China Town for lunch, plus the other people here are smart, creative, easy to get along with and helpful. Other serious entrepreneurs (as opposed to the hip-type) are there working with their heads down, but are a wealth of useful info when they surface.

  — Blake S.

Cool space in Big Art Labs with internet connection, chairs, desks, and friendly people.

I'm ditching IndieDesk for this place. It's free-er, and there's also free parking. Plus, Big Art has a lot of cool shit, so if you wind up working late on a Friday, you might run into some fun without wandering too far.

Also, they have a couple of standing desks!

  — Kevin N.

It's definitely a hackerspace to be in if you're the creative type that wants to be around with other folks who can help cultivate this flow in your work. The parking is awesome, and it's very nearby some cheap and tasty grub.

  — Jonathan R.

I go to Droplabs whenever I can. The Pro Drupal 7 Development Study Group has a lot of great discussions. I love being with other creative people. There is an awesome amount of talent in Droplabs. I love getting help from others and mentoring other people as well.

Big Art Labs is a wonderful location with plenty of parking and even more talented people than just droplabs. I love the ease of getting to Chinatown, Little Tokyo and Olvera Street.

  — Paul C.

Thanks for the free beer, I wish I had more time to make it to more meets. None of my friends even know what Drupal is so it's nice to know that there is a place where other people understand what I'm going on about.

  — Leaf B.

I always like my experiences at Droplabs.

  — Peter K.

Thanks to all in attendance yesterday for taking the time to stop what you were working on to provide me with some guidance!

  — James S.

It was awesome hanging out and getting work done last Friday. Gotta do it again.

  — Torrey N.

Great!!! About 13 [people] here. Friendly, informative and very helpful.

  — Michael F.

The Steakholders meeting was a great experience. Great ideas being shared, and a very open, friendly and motivating environment as always. I look forward to coming to the next one!

  — Duran R.

This meetup group is great! Lots of VERY knowledgeable folks attend from varying disciplines & of varying skill sets. I'm a big fan of diversity & "culture" & this meetup has both in abundance. I say all of that because everyone is always so willing to help each other out to solve problems as well as "mindshare" with each other. As an open source fanatic, this group truly embodies both the "open source way" as well as the "Drupal way" of doing things. I highly recommend this group.

  — Miguel H.

What Others Are Saying

The Droplabs concept sounds great. I wish there was one in the Valley.

  — Ali T.

Thank you to Droplabs for holding such an amazing "barn raising" for the Surf Corps. Launching the Surf Corps is a dream come true. Those of you who participated last Sunday are truly amazing people and I can not wait to get to know more of the Droplabs community. Thank you for learning, sharing and creating. I hope to see you all in the future and we can watch the Surf Corps grow together. Much Peace and Love

  — Maria B.

The Droplabs part of the podcast made me want to moan and cry. I live in a small town in Kansas. I work alone, although I have one colleague in Kansas City. I SO wish I had people to collaborate with, sitting in the same room. Awesome idea. If I ever get to LA I'm going to Droplabs to breathe the air.

  — DrupalEasy Podcast listener

Finally, a hackerspace near The Brewery! In my 20 years here this is some of the best news of the neighborhood.

  — Richard G.

See you tomorrow. You may become my new home : )

  — Kevin F.

Awesome artsy space to inspire & complement the amazing work done by Drupal coders who work out of this unique, Lincoln Heights co-working space. Best part: its free membership!

  — Gina M.